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The How To's of a Healthy Transition

Last year we discussed the reality of significant resistance to change for approximately three out of four people. Yet, as 2020 has clearly demonstrated, none of us can avoid the need to adapt to unanticipated change. So, how do we deal with change that is unwelcome, unfair, or overwhelming… well, I’m sure you get the gist.

To touch on some highlights, William Bridges of Insights, an organizational effectiveness company, cited three phases as part of the necessary process needed to “let go” when negotiating periods of change:

  • Ending: The letting go of what was a phase

  • Neutral Zone: The space between the old and the new (the old is gone but the new is not yet fully established)

  • New Beginning: Establishment of a new phase, including fresh perspectives and understandings, values, attitudes, and relationships

As business owners and leaders, we are models for those in charge and we can choose to set the example. So how can we intentionally and efficiently enact the necessary changes brought on by the events of 2020 to position our staff for a strong 2021? Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Establish a business accountability partner who is encountering similar transition issues. It should not be very difficult to find someone swimming in the same water!

  • Understand and accept the fact that the world has changed and that business - your business - will be different. Let go of the obstacles preventing you from making positive, needed change.

  • Gather feedback from your team to understand their challenges and struggles. Help them work through the changes - they may be equally confounded and frustrated.

  • Give yourself and your team a grace period to come to terms with letting go of the old as you develop the readiness to embrace the new approach.

  • Have a celebration event focusing on the vision you and your team have created. Paint the new picture in vibrant, exciting, and realistic terms the team can rally behind.

By now, your plan for 2021 should be clear and well known by your team. Action steps must be developed in order to execute. The win for you and your team is creating excitement, momentum, and synergy aimed toward enthusiastically embracing the new beginning you, as a group, have identified.

Could you use a strategic, listening ear as you work through the needed changes? Click here to schedule a free consultation with me.


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