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Leadership Edge

Invest in a new generation of leaders. Watch first-time managers or struggling supervisors begin to thrive as they engage six tried and true leadership skills within an engaging small group environment.

"Leaders are Made, not Born"

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Not every standout employee is a natural leader. Despite their subject matter expertise, some struggle when promoted into management.

Suddenly, your star worker is lost, demoralized and disrupting team dynamics.
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Don’t let loyal employees fail to reach their full potential.

With Leadership Edge, emerging managers realize their full potential to allow your team and business to thrive.

How it Works

  • 4 to 6 emerging leaders commit to becoming effective team leaders

  • Over six months, groups meet monthly for focused two-hour, virtual sessions

  • Intensive focus on six key leadership development principles

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Grow your business, not just your managers, with Leadership Edge

Empower new managers with the leadership skills that help them drive future growth


Create strategic thinkers who fuel innovation


Boost confidence and train managers to leverage their expertise to solve your business’ toughest problems

Improve performance with managers who amplify productivity throughout their team

6 Core Leadership Principles that will equip your Managers to thrive

Time Management and Proactive Planning
CoachCruiting | 6 Core Leadership Principles | Executive Coaching and Recruiting Services
Do's and Dont's
Team Building
and Culture
Proactive Thinking and Strategic Delegation


CoachCruiting | Testimonial: Jeffery A. Thomas | K&B True Value | Executive Coaching and Recruiting Services

“I am really pleased with the design and format of Leadership Edge. Being the outsider [from a different company] provides a better viewpoint for those in the group to hear how other companies lead and what works or doesn’t work.”

Jeffery A. Thomas
General Manager of Retail Operations | K&B True Value, Annapolis, MD

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Accelerate  Your Growth

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Schedule a complimentary, strategic session to discover how we may provide top-notch employees, build more productive teams, and drive unprecedented growth.

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