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Why CoachCruiting? We're not just recruiters, we're strategic partners dedicated to refining your company's DNA with our *Trademarked* process

"Our proprietary system is a transformative approach that goes beyond conventional recruitment"

What is an exclusive recruiting contract?

An exclusive recruiting contract means you work only with us. You might wonder if it's better to retain multiple recruiters and wait to see who produces the “best” candidate.

But after two decades of experience, and data from hundreds of companies, we believe an exclusivity clause in our recruitment contract is the very best way to achieve the results you deserve.

An effortless hiring process with a single hiring expert.

A recruiting partner who invests in your company and takes the time to help you clarify your hiring objectives.

Outstanding hires who fit your company culture, mesh with your team and drive unprecedented growth.

A relationship, not a transaction, with a trusted growth advisor who ensures your new employee's long-term success.

Relationships that Matter | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

That Matter

Simplify, Amplify, Thrive | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Simplify, Amplify, Thrive

Guidance Beyond Placement | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Guidance Beyond Placement

Deeper Insights, Better Matches | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Deeper Insights, Better Matches

The CoachCruiting Difference

Discover all the ways our holistic, exclusive approach delivers exceptional value and unmatched results for you and your team.


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Conventional recruitment processes rely on superficial evaluations of your company, missing critical insights into the kind of employees that will truly drive growth.

Our unrivaled Site Assessment dives deep into your company's goals, culture and staffing gaps, providing a profound understanding of your actual needs, and enabling us to identify candidates who truly align.


Businesses often struggle with fragmented hiring steps, from sourcing to onboarding, leading to inefficiencies and lost focus.

We handle the entire process, from A-Z, streamlining and simplifying the journey for our clients so they are free to concentrate on their core operations.


Most recruiters may plunk a pile of resumes on your desk and leave you to handle the rest.

We conduct initial interviews, provide you with a shortlist of top candidates, manage scheduling, perform tailored reference checks and help you frame an offer sure to be accepted.


External recruitment agencies often focus solely on skills and qualifications, overlooking the vital cultural fit within your organization.

We prioritize both skills and cultural alignment through our Site Assessment, ensuring candidates seamlessly integrate into your unique company culture.


Agencies place candidates and consider their job done, leaving clients to navigate the post-hiring challenges alone.

We build ongoing partnerships, remaining actively engaged with clients and new hires for the crucial first 90 days, guaranteeing long-term success and growth.

Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Frequent turnover plagues businesses when candidates leave due to culture misalignment or dissatisfaction.

Our proprietary system, backed by data, ensures candidates are more likely to stay once hired, resulting in increased retention rates and a stable, motivated workforce.

91% Retention Rate of New Hires Stat | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Source: CoachCruiting internal data and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Our Results
Speak for

Employers that use CoachCruiting enjoy a 91% retention rate for new hires, compared to a 70% retention rate for employees hired through traditional methods.

Elevate your Business to new heights with CoachCruiting's unique approach. Let's redefine your hiring strategy, together. Our mission is to sculpt your organization into a powerhouse of innovation, collaboration, and achievement, with A-Players that drive your growth.

CoachCruiting | TESTIMONIAL: Tobey Ritchie, Leading Jewelers Guild Profile Pic | HR Agency

"Thank you so much for partnering with us and leading us through the hiring process. Your team has been amazing to work with and we appreciate you! Working with your team to recruit and hire an Executive Director and Marketing Manager in such a short amount of time is a testament to your team’s effectiveness and process."

Tobey Ritchie | Leading Jewelers Guild


Accelerate your Growth | Book A Complimentary Consult | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Accelerate  Your Growth

Have more questions?

Schedule a complimentary, strategic session to discover how we may provide top-notch employees, build more productive teams, and drive unprecedented growth.

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