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Small Businesses
& Franchises

 Franchise Owners & Entrepreneurs

The biggest challenges for small business owners often center around ensuring they have the right people in the right seats, which is key to the success of any highly productive team. Leading others effectively, especially within a small business setting, requires understanding what makes each person thrive. It is necessary to determine individual strengths, which translates directly to bottom-line performance. It is imperative you know how to build trust and, therefore, motivate team members to produce their best effort. Bridge Performance Coaching specializes in quickly assessing needed changes and implementing targeted hiring processes for the benefit of the whole organization.

& Nonprofits

CEO's, Managers & Directors

Coaching involves partnering with clients to focus on staffing area(s) affecting performance, hence helping them "Bridge" the gap between what is and their goal. Bridge Performance Coaching provides strategic direction for the staff team throughout the journey towards reaching their full performance potential. The process involves initial site and team assessment, making practical recommendations, implementing recommended actions, and establishing accountability systems.  

What Can BPC Do For You?

  • Identify staff performance gaps by conducting a site assessment

  • Provide team report with comprehensive performance recommendations

  • Find the Best Person with proven targeted recruiting (CoachCruiting) process

  • Conduct strength assessments for team members

  • Create and facilitate an interactive team building session

  • Improve ROI by unleashing the full performance potential of your organization


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