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Better Hires,
Stronger Teams,
Faster Growth

Take the work out of hiring top talent and position your business for success with CoachCruiting’s exclusive, holistic approach to executive recruiting, coaching, and leadership development.

Simplify the Way you Attract, Retain and Promote High Performing Talent

We are an all-in-one recruiting and coaching solution, trailblazing the path to easier, faster, and more cohesive team placements, such as:

  • C-Level 

  • Managerial  

  • Strategic 

We Can Help

Find your future superstars. Hire high-performing talent who arrive ready to take work off your plate, inspire your team and grow your business.

Become the business leader you admire. Strategize with a seasoned executive coach who can help you build the organizational structure, leadership skills and mindset to take your business to new heights or plan a successful exit.

Create an elite workforce, whatever the starting point.

Empower employees and forge a culture of teamwork, trust and loyalty that keeps your business on track – even when you’re not around.

Leaders are made, not born. Equip first-time or struggling managers with 6 proven leadership concepts to best ensure success.

Hiring Without a Strategy is like Building a House Without a Blueprint

A-Players, Trusting Our Process, Protect your Investment | CoachCruiting | Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Don’t wait till you’re at the breaking point to create a solid foundation for your future business success.

Attract and hire top talent to best meet your organizational goals.


Discover the A-players who will reinforce your culture and grow with your business.


Our trademarked approach ensures
Best Person = Best Performance = Best Results


Our 90-Day Guarantee ensures placement success or the candidate is replaced at no additional cost.

Build extraordinary teams with our holistic approach to hiring, coaching and team building

CoachCruiting is with you every step of the way

Recruite, Perform, Organize, Manage, Improve, Team Building | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

How It Works

Eliminate your hiring headaches, guaranteed

Sonja Der  CoachCruiting Complete Process | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services
Create Dream Team

Getting Teams Right

Schedule Your Complimentary Intro Meeting

Our customized, relational approach means we take the time to understand your goals and chart a path to success.

Schedule a Complimentary Intro Meeting | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services
Site assessment | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Begin Your Journey

Your next step takes your team through our Site Assessment process. Following the assessment, our comprehensive report identifies performance gaps and makes specific recommendations to address them. 

Realize Your Business Potential

Whether you are looking for the perfect hire, to strengthen team dynamics or empower mid-level managers, our specialized coaching and recruiting will help you achieve results fast.

realize your business potential | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

Our 90-Day Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our trademarked recruiting process ensures not just a great hire, but the right fit.

Status Reports

We solidify the success of your new hire with check-ins at 30, 60 and 90 days.

Our 90-day guarantee | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services

What if the candidate just doesn't work out?

We are so confident in getting teams right, we’ll provide a replacement at no additional cost within the first 90 days.

Discover the CoachCruiting Difference

Laptop Macbook Image | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services
CoachCruiting | TESTIMONIAL: Tobey Ritchie, Leading Jewelers Guild Profile Pic | HR Agency

"Thank you so much for partnering with us and leading us through the hiring process. Your team has been amazing to work with and we appreciate you! Working with your team to recruit and hire an Executive Director and Marketing Manager in such a short amount of time is a testament to your team’s effectiveness and process."

Tobey Ritchie | Leading Jewelers Guild

You're In Good Company

From the Performance Experts

Follow the latest trends in recruiting and team building, and learn how to attract, retain and mentor the top talent that will drive extraordinary results for your business.

FAQ Section | CoachCruiting - Executive Coaching and Recuiting Services
  • I really need to hire, but I don’t have time to recruit someone.
    Stop sifting through resumes or puzzling over how to create a compensation package that attracts top-tier talent. We manage the entire hiring process so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • I can’t afford to waste time and money hiring the wrong people.
    We offer affordable package rates and payment options plus a 90-Day Replacement Guarantee. We also conduct progress reports at 30, 60, and 90 days to ensure your satisfaction.
  • How is CoachCruiting™ different from standard recruiting?
    CoachCruiting™ works for you and your business. We use highly targeted recruiting along with strategic coaching to give you the best candidates to fit your company’s unique culture.
  • But you don’t know my business!
    We learn your company culture, assess team dynamics and analyze staff performance to ensure finding the best fit for your business.

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