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“We really needed to hit a home run for an inside sales position. Sonja’s thorough process led us to hire Brandon. He has been a tremendous addition to our team and fits our culture perfectly. We highly recommend Sonja!”

 — Jerry & Lee H. | Nashville, TN

“After struggling for several weeks and reviewing far too many unqualified CSR candidates, we hired Bridge Performance Coaching through a client referral. Sonja made the whole process so easy and so affordable. She took care of the heavy lifting and allowed us to get back to running our business." 
— Darlene & Doug L. | Inkmeister Corporation, Rockville, MD

"I had the pleasure of working with Sonja as an applicant for a management position. During the entire hiring process, Sonja made a concerted effort to maintain open communication, respond promptly, and her demeanor throughout was friendly and encouraging. While Sonja is undoubtedly a professional in her field, her most striking characteristic is that she is able to simultaneously maintain this professionalism, while also being a genuinely caring and loyal person. I was always treated with the same care and respect that one might have expected had she been hired to work for me directly.


If you are looking at filling a position within your organization, I would not hesitate to entrust Sonja with finding you the best possible candidate for your long term success. Her desire to find a candidate who was not solely the best qualified, but rather, one who was qualified and also the best fit culturally for this particular organization. And if you are a job seeker, as I was, and have applied for a position in which she has been tasked with reviewing candidates, I would like to assure you, you're in good hands." 
— Chris Cavill | Kodak, TN

"Sonja’s philosophy of finding the person with the right skill set and making sure they fit my company’s culture as well, definitely won me over.  If you need to hire someone and don’t have the time to invest in the process, I highly recommend Sonja Der."
— Debbie T. | Allegra Minneapolis, MN

"As a new franchisee to the AFB network, we quickly found ourselves in a hiring frenzy due to losing two key employees.  After seeing the success the Lawvers had with the hiring of their newest CSR, I hired Sonja to find a Prepress Tech and a CSR.  Sonja’s process made this part of being a new owner much easier with little effort on my part.  Both new hires have been solid and are a positive addition to the team."
— Nate & Caroline S. | Allegra Rockville, MD

"Since Sonja's involvement with our department, the changes in their attitudes, initiative, and performance has been more than I ever could have imagined. Sonja’s ability to gain their trust and guide them through this process in a non­-threatening manner has been a major part of the success we have seen to this point. She has made navigating through this process rewarding for me and helped renew my confidence. Without the support of my manager and his belief and trust in me, this process would have never happened. It is wonderful to see a brilliant return on the investment."
— Mercedes Q. W. | Marriott Corporation


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