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What do you do when you haven’t been able to take a vacation together in over 20 years because you are entrenched in your business? How is it even possible to leave and relax when there are so many critical details that need attending every day? Can you relate to this situation?


A husband and wife owner-team of a small franchise business could certainly relate to the above scenario. In fact, this is their story. Owning a business for over 20 years without a much-needed vacation together had taken its toll. Frustrated, tired, and feeling chained to the everyday operations, including the need to be physically present each day to greet walk-in clients left them feeling deprived of options.


Loving your business is a good thing. Letting your business control your life is not. Knowing they needed to find a solution, they enlisted the help and expertise of Bridge Performance Coaching (BPC). The first priority was to find and hire a capable employee who could oversee the daily operations - even in their absence. It was critical to find someone trainable, who fit in with their company culture and, most importantly, someone they could completely trust.


The couple chose to work with BPC because of the proprietary approach BPC uses to find the perfect candidate. The process began with an in-depth assessment using big picture questions focused upon the development of company organizational structure, core values, clear job descriptions, competitive salary research, and a unique and thorough assessment of the company’s culture, leadership style, and strengths and weaknesses.


An additional element to BPC’s proprietary method was their approach to coach both business owner and new employee throughout the hiring process and beyond to ensure a smooth onboarding process. By assessing the strengths of all team members and creating a unified environment that allows each person to understand how to best relate to the individuals within the team, a proven rate of success for the new candidate and the business owner increases greatly. This reduces attrition, creates a stronger team and ultimately results in a greater return on investment measured in client satisfaction, employee longevity and greater bottom line profit.


This process resulted not only in BPC placing the right candidate to oversee the daily operations, but the process worked so well, the owners are now considering adding an additional team member to accommodate company growth.


With an industry experienced lead person that can be trusted and now in place, the burn-out, exhaustion and lack of flexibility are no longer an ongoing issue for the owners. They are able to work “on” the business instead of “in” the business. They no longer feel the company is stuck and unable to grow. Their leadership vision is able to see exciting, new opportunities on the horizon.


And, speaking of horizons, a week or two vacationing together is now a real and deserved possibility.

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