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Know Your Culture

Updated: May 1

Before you know who you need, you’ll need to know exactly who you are. Identifying your team culture is crucial prior to spending time and money on hiring - it’s absolutely essential to cohesiveness and performance as new hires are integrated into your existing team. 

Our motto at CoachCruiting is Getting Teams Right. It’s not just about hiring someone, but rather, hiring the right person. Jim Collins puts it best in his bestselling book, Good to Great:

“The first job of the leaders is to get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” 

By this metaphor, the first thing you’ll need to do is evaluate your ‘bus.’ A large part of this process involves clearly defining four key elements and answering some key questions attached to each.

  1. VISION - A word picture of what your future business will look like.

    1. Where do you see your company in 5 years?

    2. Where does it aspire to be in the long term?

    3. What is important in the short term to get your company there?

  2. MISSION - Your business' purpose for existing & overall goal.

    1. In a broad sense, why are you running this company?

    2. What value does it aim to deliver to clients, employees & the community?

    3. What positive impact does the company seek to create in your industry?

  3. CORE VALUES - A framework for making choices & evaluating success.

    1. What input do your employees have on your company's core values?

    2. What are the cornerstones by which employees are hired and/or fired?

    3. How can you implement conversations about these values on a regular basis?

    4. How can you show recognition for team members actively living them out?

  4. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE - A clear definition o how things run.

    1. How does the current structure support the company's vision?

    2. Does the current structure align with the size & nature of the organization?

    3. How does the structure foster collaboration, empowerment & adaptability?

Once you’ve delved into these elements of your organization, it’s important to solidify your vision and mission into brief statements that represent the larger ideas. A vision statement should focus on what you want to become.  A mission statement should reflect who you are as a company, as well as what you value.


“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”


“To do everything possible to expand human potential.”


“To move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s, serving more customers delicious food each day around the world.”


“To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.”

Case Study:

In a recent contract, our team at CoachCruiting was working on three hires for a print and marketing business. It quickly became evident that there was a good deal of miscommunication happening throughout the team. We suggested a team building exercise to help all team members get on the same page. 

First, each employee completed a brief online strengths assessment. We reviewed the results of each assessment remotely and then organized a 2-hour staff lunch / team building session to debrief. Team members and owners alike shared highlights from their assessments, for the purpose of educating one another on how they could work best in a team context. This also gave the owners an opportunity to reiterate their expectations in a relaxed, safe space. 

The feedback we received on the shift in staff morale was phenomenal. The owners immediately noticed an improvement in attitude and productivity throughout the team. When asked if they would recommend this process to other teams, one staff member responded, “Yes! It is invaluable to put it all out there in front of one another and reveal directly how others like to be spoken to, receive feedback and constructive criticism, etc, so that there is no question.”

This is just one example of how team building with CoachCruiting can impact your team. Our process has been proven to assist in company efficiency, employee engagement and retention, and overall workplace morale. We’d love to speak with you about what we may be able to do for your team!


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