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Conquer the Onboarding Process

After the challenge of finding your next superstar employee, you want to be sure they flourish and become a productive team member. There are basically two choicesthrow them into the job and hope (expect) they figure it out on their own or take time, in the beginning, to introduce them to the business and set expectations from Day One.

New employees simply want to perform well and impress the boss. If you provide them with good tools from the start by charting the desired course and showing a sincere interest in their success, they can do amazing things! A welcoming, nourishing atmosphere will enhance the success of your team and, as a result, your business.

The first critical step to achieve this organizational nirvana is a structured plan referred to as your “Onboarding Process”. New employees often have underlying worries such as meeting expectations, fitting into their role, job satisfaction, and establishing rapport with co-workers. An effective onboarding approach warmly introduces them to your business, their job duties, the staff team, and your company culture. Overall, a defined onboarding process is a practical approach that demonstrates to all employees that you value their well-being and want them to succeed.

Here are a few tips to consider when onboarding a new team member:

  • Create a Welcome Packet which includes items such as your formal offer letter, organizational chart, employee handbook, payroll paperwork, benefit explanations, health insurance documents, emergency phone numbers, and other pertinent information.

  • Provide a quiet area and allow ample time for the employee to review and sign all necessary new-hire documentation.

  • Take time to sit down with the new employee to discuss any questions they might have, convey the company vision, and reinforce core values to illustrate the culture you expect. Highlight important policies such as lunch breaks, vacation, leave requests, and other policies. Be sure this discussion is not rushed. Don’t skip this important step; it can make all the difference!

  • Conduct a tour of the entire facility and make personal introductions to each member of the team at their respective work areas. This orients the new staff member to the people and the space that will become their new home away from home.

  • Present a training schedule that serves to outline expectations. One great way to get a new employee on track is to have them spend time with each team member to establish an understanding of workflow and how their role fits in. It is crucial not to rush the new employee and expect them to begin work during their first week.

  • Get the new employee settled in their work area. Email addresses and passwords for internal systems should be ready for the new employee at the outset to enable communication with customers or internal team members. If appropriate, provide business cards and other personalized collateral.

  • Make a daily appointment to meet briefly with the new employee, preferably early in the day, for the first two weeks. Take this opportunity to blend your expectations with their needs to develop a successful relationship. Always encourage a new employee to ask questions if they are unsure of any aspect of the business or their responsibilities. Continue the meetings on a semi-weekly or weekly basis for at least the next two months. This step will keep “surprises” to a minimum and help build mutual trust.

  • Culminate the Onboarding Process with a 90-day review to ensure you and your employee are moving in the same direction.

Everyone is different - not all employees will need as much attention as described above and different positions may require more initial instruction. The idea is to structure a training program for each unique employee using these tips as a guideline.

No matter their skill level or experience, following these onboarding steps will help facilitate the success of the new employee and ultimately cultivate the customer satisfaction your clients and other team members will appreciate.

Would you like to discuss hiring the best people or learn more about onboarding best practices? Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.


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