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A Candidate's Perspective

Would it be fair to say that top performing employees are the most important assets of your business? If you agree with me that they are, then wouldn't it make sense to view the hiring process from the perspective of the candidate?

As critical as it is for us to clearly define who we are looking for, the other side of the equation is equally important. What do we want candidates to see when they come across our ad post? What piques their interest? In short, what are they looking for?

If we consider the options these sought-after superstars have, what would make top flight candidates consider working for us rather than for someone else?

I have learned some tactics over the years using this unconventional context. Here are a few ideas to consider in trying to sway desired candidates your way:

  • Promote your company culture through clarity of vision, mission and defined core values

  • Maintain a dynamic online presence (website, social media, newsletter and/or blog)

  • Nurture strong community and professional connections (Your reputation is everything!)

  • Keep personalized, specific testimonials outlining what makes your business different and better than your competition

  • Utilize a consistent, proven hiring process that engages coveted candidates

  • Provide an attractive benefits package (Consider special perks that help you stand out such as 401k - it is about much more than money!)

  • Adopt detailed onboarding procedures and use them for every new employee

  • Hold regular team building events

  • Offer meaningful growth opportunities (educational or training incentives)

At BPC, we are always striving to share growth ideas with our fellow business leaders. We want you to have the best team possible as you enter 2021 so we encourage you to consider implementing at least a few of these suggestions. If you would like assistance making your business more appealing to rockstar candidates, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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